Metal forging equipment

Elind has a long experience and technological knowledge in the development of equipment for metal forging. The know-how of our company allows to manufacture a lot of types of equipment turn-key, designed according to specific customer needs.

The induction heating finds wide application in the field of metal forging, because compared to the combustion furnace ensures greater flexibility in production, high uniformity and repeatability of the heating and lower decarburization of the material.


  • High efficiency: the heat develops directly into the piece by eliminating the losses related to the transfer
  • Reduced spaces: allows to concentrate high power in a few meters
  • Immediate use: the emptying heating cycles are not necessary
  • Sustainability: there are no emissions into the atmosphere
  • Repeatability of the process: each piece undergoes the same treatment
  • High profitability: return of investment in a very short time

The numbers of our success

  • 6,6MW 

    maximum installed power

  • 16

    tons / hour of maximum production

  • 300mm

    maximum diameter pieces