Wire shearing line

This type of equipment has been developed to reduce the number of processing, by combining the operation of shearing with the heating.
A decoiler, a roller wire straightener, a medium frequency converter, a heating furnace and a hydraulic shears for hot cutting of the wire, compose the equipment.

The static medium frequency converter can be realized with Power Gain device, which allows high hourly production also with pieces of different section from the nominal one of the inductor.
The static converter can also be equipped with a teleservice system.



  • High efficiency: the heat develops directly into the piece by eliminating the losses related to the transfer
  • Reduction of the number of processes: the wire is sheared in line, after being heated
  • Reduced spaces: allows to concentrate high power in a few meters and to avoid the storage of bars
  • Immediate use: the emptying heating cycles are not necessary
  • Sustainability: there are no emissions into the atmosphere
  • Repeatability of the process: each piece undergoes the same treatment
  • High profitability: return of investment in a very short time